African lion sculpture

Take charge of your personal space with this fine handmade Lion sculpture.

A collection of a handmade Lion sculpture sketched on a stand. White and grey colours give the lion sculpture a realistic look. It is an incredible display of motherly love. Spring your space with our beautiful handmade lion sculptures that have a sense of love and nurturing and your space will never be the same.

The green verdict has been used to craft a special etching sculpture and a unique gemstone has been used to add a soft feel to the sculpture. It is a beautiful picture of how a mother cares for her kids.

Having one of these handmade Lion sculpture will make a beautiful addition to the home, office or gallery. Lion sculptures are still symbolic and decorative for either restaurant, study room, and even library. Handmade Lion sculpture is a decorative art sculpture that can be used either indoor or outdoor. Lion sculpture symbolizes pride.

Lioness and her cubs have been crafted on a wooden stand giving our handmade lion sculpture support, and it has also added a vintage look to the sculpture. Her soft eyes tell you that she is vulnerable and her cubs look free and happy. The Lioness is trying to save her cubs from the danger of the night. That would be a beautiful home portrait.

Our African artist has shown his artistic skills in a different way, he used a stone and wood in one sculpture. We have a variety of handmade lion sculptures.

It is a vintage look that makes it a perfect gift to give to your family and friends. The king of the jungle has been well represented in our handmade Lion sculpture collections.

You can add our stunning handmade Lion sculpture into your collection for a safari accent to your space.