Decorative Africa Fish sculpture

Contemporary African handmade Fish sculpture perfect for your indoor or outdoor decor.

We have a selection of decorative handmade Fish sculpture that has been crafted to show the beauty of fish while using different kinds of wood from Africa. Our handmade Fish sculpture is sized 72 cm * 20cm and weighs about 20kgs. This decorative handmade Fish sculpture can be used to decorate both indoor and outdoor space. As a result, it has been carefully crafted to entice contemporary art lovers.

Our silverfish have been crafted using a redwood and placed into a wood bowl. We housed a range of handmade Fish sculptures. The handmade Fish sculpture is a perfect decorative art for either your dining room if you are a fishing fanatic. You can create a stunning African accent using our striking handmade Fish sculpture.

Adding handmade Fish sculptures to your personal space will be as interesting as you would want it to be because our handmade Fish sculptures will never be boring or dull.

About Sailfish

The Sailfish has a long, rounded spear extending from its snout but is distinguished from related species,  by its slimmer form, long pelvic fins, and, most especially, its large sail-like dorsal fin. It is a deep blue fish, silvery below, with a bright blue, spotted dorsal fin. Size ranges to about 3.4 meters (11 feet) and 90 kg (200 pounds) or more. It is found from warm water all over the world.

Sailfish is known to be strong, fastest and has a fighting spirit. The hardest wood has been used to present a beautiful and strong Fish.

To get a rusty glow, the finest polish was used to polish our handmade Fish sculpture. Our artist carved ebony wood by hands and finishes it with amazing details.

If you are a Fish fanatic, get yourself one of this beautiful handmade Fish sculpture.