Hand-carved African buffalo sculpture

Attractive African wood hand-carved Buffalo sculpture.

We offer African hand-carved buffalo sculptures that are carved with a beautiful and strong redwood finishing it with a dark brown stain.

Below is one of the big five animals, Buffalo is an iconic animal known to be a symbol of abundance in the native culture. Most of all, Buffalos are known to be the hardest animal to be hunted and known for the huge horn on the forehead. Buffaloes are perceived as an aggressive and intimidating animal because of their horns.

Buffaloes are believed to be a quiet and calm animal. African Buffalo doesn’t always attack unless it is provoked. Even great hunters like Lion and Leopard they have to go in a group to attack this aggressive animal. Even a calf is as aggressive and strong.

Find a great deal of Hand–carved Buffalo sculptures in our gallery. We promise you a fine great wood that won’t wear out. You can add this to your collection of African hand-craved Buffalo sculptures to decorate either your home, office or gallery. If you are looking for a range of Buffalo to decorate your rustic home. We are here to offer you nothing but more than you expected at a low and affordable price.

African hand-carved Buffalo sculptures have been crafted to show Buffalo’s attitude. Look at how Buffalo sculpture is carved and turning its head, as results it looks like it is in a defensive mode and wants to attack. Therefore, our African Buffalo sculptures will help you create a beautiful statement.

A strong wood, redwood has been used to carve African hand-carved Buffalo sculptures.  Add a safari accent to your space and Enjoy our attractive hand-carved Buffalo sculptures. As a result, African hand-carved Buffalo sculpture from South Africa will Complement your style.

Make sure you get this African hand-carved Buffalo sculptures for your stunning space. This sculpture makes a spectacular addition to your home, office, and gallery.