African handmade male sculptures

African handmade male sculptures that represent African culture.

Decorate your space with this African handmade male sculptures that will complement your personal space and get your family and friends to envy you.

In this collection, we have African handmade male sculptures, that has been curved to represent African male strides of African history and their stripes of emotions, these African handmade male sculptures represent African male. This fugitive African male sculpture captured the great moments of Africa and history of an African man.

To complement South African traditional headdress and beadwork we used mixed stones. Our great craft artist used stones like African Jade and Black Serpentine to create this masterpiece. As a result, different colors were used on the sculptures to represent beaded African Zulu necklace. This beautiful sculpture is about 20 cm and weighs about 2kg.

Jadestone is used to craft a Ndebele African male sculpture displaying Ndebele traditional attire. Ndebele tribe is famously known for wearing neck rings and beadings that are crafted by the Ndebele woman.

Sotho males have a distinctive way of dressing up that separate them from the rest. Below is our Africa Sotho male sculpture dressed in a hat that is traditionally made out of reeds.

Our collection is about South African culture and how they take pride in their diverse culture. South Africa is famously known as a rainbow nation because of its ethnics and cultural diversity.

This would be perfect for your living room and for everyone to see. It will add pride and greatness into your home because it won’t be easy for anyone to resist your stunning combination.

Are you looking to add some male antique art to your collection? Because our masterpiece arts will add a furnishing touch to your home. If you are an African art collector this is your home. We have beautiful African artwork that would make sure that your African collection is complete.