African Decorative Leopard sculpture

Beautiful African Leopard sculpture

Robert managed to show his artistic skills by creating this special Etching African Decorative Leopard sculpture lounging on a branch. Just like most mined stones used to carve the African Decorative


Leopard sculpture, Robert chose a soft and perfect stone to carve this beautiful leopard sculpture.

Green Verdict is a soft stone that makes is perfectly easy to carve and it is mined in the Africa continent.

Renowned artist, Robert carved a real stunning African Decorative Leopard sculpture that will amaze your friend and family. Add our African Decorative Leopard sculpture to your collections.


He captured a beautiful leopard lounging seemingly on a branch limb on a noonday. The leopard seemed to be waiting to prey on his next meal. The green color of the green verdict stone along with a dark and grey on the sculpture gives the sculpture a night effect.

The contemporary African Decorative Leopard sculpture is a rendition of the fastest animal and one of the big cats that are perfect to complement your safari accent on your personal space. Our Leopard sculpture will surely enrich any room in your home. Family and friends will envy your space and your room will stand out.

Robert and Son Gallery has your best interest at heart. We only carve sculptures that are perfectly crafted using materials from Africa. We believe art is a way of telling a story and that is why we create sculptures that are inspired by African stories and history.

Our Leopard sculpture has been crafted on a wood stand and you can put in any room and will not require any support. Our Leopard sculpture weights about 2kgs and it will be easy to move it around.

Does your space need a makeover or you need to get a gift for your family or friends? Shop with us for a stunning decor or gift.

Leopard sculpture